Our Purpose

Our Vision - To create a positive ecosystem where every energy exchanged is oriented towards a better well-being.

Our Mission - To create simple tools that simplify life and empower growth, lifestyle & wellness.

Chief Humans at Humanhood

Sakshi Sanghavi - Founder

Unnati Shah - Founder

Humanhood is a blend of Sakshi's and Unnati's purpose and passion! While the first always wanted to build a business that makes a difference to her world, the latter lives to uplift the individuals around her! One conversation about their calling, one common love for neutral aesthetics, and one aligned dream of creating an impact - that's how Humanhood was born!

Thoughts Become Things

Every self help tool that we create, stems from an intention of solving a common lifestyle issue, a purpose of moving towards wellness rituals and a potential outcome of living life to the fullest potential. Our core focus is to build simple tools that the mass can understand and use to enhance their well-being. Having realised the importance of a healthy well-being, we price our tools at the most moderate prices for it to be accessible to as many humans possible.

Humanhood is a brainchild of Sakshi & Unnati. Right from recognising problems, outlining creative solutions, designing an aesthetic and appealing tool, pushing it to production to making it handy for the community - they two are personally invested in the entire process of creating all the self help tools under the Humanhood Store.

The Packaging Says It All

All your orders at Humanhood are carefully packed by our heartiest Order Fulfilment Team. We have designed and offer a supremely enticing packaging that holds an everlasting value. Our packaging involves a cotton pouch that holds the self help tools you've ordered - which not only makes it easy to store your goodies on a daily basis, but also makes it a perfect gift for your loved one's.

We also have a notecard that goes along with every parcel which brings the personalisation touch to all the packages. You can even opt to write a message to the receiver - our team is super kind to handwrite it for you to them!

"We are on a mission to empower our community to prioritise their growth, one human at a time. With every package that leaves our workspace, we wish to deliver value and attractive self help tools that lead to a healthy well-being. "